If your home is single glazed or your double-glazing was installed before April 2002 then you could be losing more heat than you need to and therefore literally throwing money out of the window.

Make savings with A1UK Glazing

By switching to A1UK Glazing Energy Efficient Windows you will gain the following benefits…

Save money on bills

Reduced energy bills: energy efficient glazing could save you around £130 per year

Reduce heat loss

A warmer home in the winter allowing for a much more comfortable home for your family

Noise reduction


Shut out all that unwanted noise from outside with improved insulated windows

Save Money and Help the Planet

Only the most energy efficient windows (rated A to C) can now be installed as replacements in homes under the revised Building regulations. This means that you have an easy way to compare windows from different suppliers.

The A1UK Glazing range of energy efficient windows suits all types of house and all budgets. Choose from A, B or C rated windows secure in the knowledge that whichever you decide to have fitted, you will be saving energy, money and also helping to reduce our impact on global warming by reducing CO2 emissions.