A1 Uk Glazing Window’s new Ecotherm 80 aluminium windows are designed to achieve an A energy rating at a competitive price. Making them a popular choice with homeowners who want a slimline window and to save more energy.

Ecotherm 80 features an innovative ‘finned’ thermal break that significantly improves the thermal performance of the window so there’s no need for expensive glass units. Ecotherm will achieve an A energy rating with a standard argon gas filled warm edge spacer glass unit and Low E glass inner pane. This means Ecotherm 80 gets the top energy rating without adding cost.

Double A rated

As well as an A rating for energy Ecotherm 80 has also been awarded an A rating under the BRE’s Green Guide to Specification Scheme. The ‘A’ ratings achieved by Ecotherm 80 reflect the minimal impact that the production of aluminium windows has on the environment over the products life-cycle – important factors for many Architects and Developers when choosing windows.

As more and more homeowners are choosing to replace old windows with aluminium ones it’s important to offer them the top energy rated products at a competitive price. Ecotherm 80 is available on a ten day lead time to help you turn your orders around quickly.

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